The #1 Service for Income Investors and Retirees, +9% dividend yield.

High Dividend Opportunities Asks "Are You Feeling Lucky?"

You don't need luck to see success, but being part of the largest and most exciting community of income investors and retirees vastly improves your chances. Our Income Method generates strong returns, regardless of market volatility, making retirement investing simple, straightforward, and less stressful!

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High Dividend Opportunities offers you a route to see your life's savings not only face these battles with a winning strategy but also thrive in the storm. You can see your portfolio start producing high levels of income today, without having to wait a decade to really benefit you. With over 6200 members, you will be among friends in High Dividend Opportunities.

To sweeten the opportunity, you can change your retirement outlook for 28% off your first year in our limited time sale!

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Gather Income, Don't Sell Yourself Short

The biggest mistake many retirees make is selling themselves and their hard work short. They work diligently, scrimp, and save for retirement. Yet, they've been sold the biggest lie in investing: That you must sell your portfolio to live year to year in retirement.

This is simply not true. It is ridiculous. Do you routinely sell your possessions to pay your mortgage or power bill? No! You would only do so in an emergency. Yet we spend our entire lives working for income, piling up savings to simply sell it off when we reach retirement?

No wonder so many people struggle to save for retirement.

Consider these issues:

  1. Many don't see the benefit if they have to simply sell it off later
  2. It doesn't seem different than their normal savings account
  3. The stock market makes no sense to them
  4. Selling shares to live in retirement is inconsistent with their life today

Is this you? Facing retirement lacking what many say you will need to survive comfortably. Or have you been a diligent saver but feel that getting $40,000 a year from $1 million seems extremely small? You feel that way because it is!

Its time to flip the script. Change the story on retirement and investing. You need a portfolio that meets you where you are and doesn't expect you to entirely change how you've learned to live.

That's what High Dividend Opportunities has to offer. We are income investors. We buy shares in companies and funds that pay us dividends today. Cash money into our pockets that we can use to pay bills, reinvest in the market, or do whatever we feel like with!

Investing in Dividends? You're Kidding, Right?

Not at all! Dividend and income investing have been a large portion of investors' approaches to the market for generations. Many of the first companies to be part of the stock market used to pay large double-digit dividends to their shareholders. Over time, the market, financial advisors, and the 24/7 news cycle got more excited about the rapid ups and downs of the market and many forgot all about making large sums of money simply from investing for dividends.

Dividend investing generates reliable and regular cash payments to you which are needed to support one's income needs, but dividend investing is a defensive investment style that generates regular cash flows for investors and tends to outperform when markets are volatile. The key thought here is flexibility. You have cash in hand to do whatever you want with!

High Dividend Opportunities, ranked #1 Investor Group for the 6th consecutive year on Seeking Alpha, is dedicated to bringing investors the newest and most profitable dividend ideas and fixed income securities trading at attractive valuations. Our portfolio targets yields of +9% in high-quality securities, and our investment philosophy emphasizes diversification and safety alongside highly predictable dividends.

In today's low-yield world, our Model Portfolio, together with our Preferred Stock and Bond Portfolios, provides income investors a safe and recurrent source of income. We follow a strategy unique to our service that we call the "Income Method" to boost members' income instantly so they can enjoy worry-free passive high-income investing.

With 6200+ members, High Dividend Opportunities is the largest and fastest growing community for income investors and retirees. Our success is based on our commitment to finding the best opportunities for retirees and income investors. We do the hard work so our members can enjoy more free time doing what they love. Our team of 8 best-in-class income experts loves researching, writing, and connecting with our HDO community.

There has never been a better time to join High Dividend Opportunities and build passive income for your savings and retirement!

What’s It Like Being An HDO Member?

High Dividend Opportunities is a big community, but it’s a friendly one. We have a shared aim and passion – looking for stocks that pay high yields and help us secure income streams for our lives outside of investing.We make it easy for new members to catch up on our system. As soon as you join our group, you’ll get an email with a link to our Welcome New Members report. This report provides links to our latest portfolio updates and our model portfolio Google sheet. The Model Portfolio includes our Core holdings targeting +9% yield. For our conservative members, we provide an income portfolio with lower price volatility consisting of our best Property REIT Picks, our Preferred Stock Portfolio, and a baby bond portfolio.

New members often come to our exciting chat room to ask for help when they have a question. The 7 HDO investing experts as well as other long-time subscribers quickly provide new members with a reply to any question they might have. This provides the opportunity to direct specific questions to us or to just get general opinions from other members. You’re never alone, and there’s always someone a click away who can help.

Meet Our Experts - Experts on Making Your Retirement Exceptional

Our team of seasoned income authors specializes in all sub-sectors of the high-yield space to bring you the best available opportunities. By having 6 experts on your side who invest in our own recommendations, you can count on the best advice!

Meet our Team!

Rida Morwa, Team Leader

Rida Morwa is the lead author and editor of High Dividend Opportunities the #1 service for income investors and retirees. Prior, he was an investment and commercial banker with over 30 years of experience advising both individuals and institutional clients on high-yield investment strategies. In addition to being a former Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) from the state of Arizona, Rida holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, and a master’s degree from Thunderbird School of Global Management (Arizona).

Philip Mause

Philip is a former law practitioner with 40 years of experience. He practiced law in Washington D.C. in energy and communications regulation, as well as SEC litigation, where he gained extensive experience with company valuations. Philip brings 40 years of investment experience, in addition to his unique insight to identify stocks and securities trading at attractive valuations. Philip holds a B.A. from Georgetown University and his J.D. from Harvard University.​​

Will Barton (Beyond Saving)

Will is our lead REIT analyst, and real estate appraiser by profession. After a successful career culminating in managing the Appraisal Department for a county assessor, he stepped down to start a consulting firm. Since 2016, he has been publishing on Seeking Alpha using his real estate knowledge and research skills to become a leading contributor in the REIT space. He has a BA in Business Administration from Drake University.​​​

Scott Kaufman (Treading Softly)

Scott learned his passion for investing working alongside portfolio managers and private wealth advisers at Regions Bank, where he learned the tricks of the trade. Now he works at the world's largest credit union as an analyst. His focus is high-yield 'immediate income' style investing – so you can see and feel the impact right away. He holds a BA and MDiv from Pensacola Christian College.​​​

Pendragon (John)

John is a software engineer by training with a degree in Mathematics from Syracuse University. He started investing for his retirement in the late 1980s. He is always looking for new sources of information on investing and started doing in-depth market and stock research during the Great Recession. Since 2016, John publishes regular updates on his main retirement account.​​

Venkat Raghavan headshot

Venkat Raghavan (Hidden Opportunities)

Venkat is an expert in High Yield / High Growth energy stocks. He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. He is an expert in identifying attractive business models with sound fundamentals, after working as a management consultant with the largest professional services firms in the world for several years. He enjoys researching and analyzing opportunities that are significantly discounted with capability to generate large cash flows.

Watch Introductory Video

The main features of our service include:

  • A Model Portfolio of stocks currently targeting yields of +9%.
  • A Dividend Tracker lets you know exactly when to expect your next dividend/interest payment.
  • A state-of-the-art Portfolio Tracker where you can track your dividend holdings, income, and recommended allocation by sector. For video click HERE.

This is the most subscribed-to service on Seeking Alpha since 2016!

What else do you get with your membership?

  • Access to our Model Portfolio: Our model portfolio is actively managed and targets maximum total returns. It is composed of over 40 high-yield securities including dividend stocks, high-yield ETFs & CEFs.
  • Access to our preferred stock Portfolio, and Baby Bond Portfolio: These provide an excellent starting point for conservative income investors. Our preferred stock portfolio alone includes over 50 preferred stock recommendations, with recommended "buy under" prices and an overall yield close to 7%. It is designed especially for those who like fixed income. This is the best resource for Preferred Stocks on Seeking Alpha!
  • A free 'Dividend Tracker': Hate not knowing when your next big dividend payment is coming? Hate buying security and realizing you missed the Ex-Div date by a couple of days? Our dividend tracker solves these problems by highlighting when and how large your next dividend payment will be! It makes organizing your bills and finances easy when you know when your money is coming!
  • A free 'Portfolio Tracker': This is a "best in class" tool that enables you to track your holdings, income, and recommended allocation by sector.
  • Regular Market Updates: You’ll get continuous market updates and macro-economic analysis so you’ll always be on top of the overall economic climate and context that drives our investing strategy. This is a must-have analysis to support your portfolio as we enter more volatile periods.
  • Timely Buy & Sell Alerts: We send email alerts each time we make a change to our portfolio so members can stay up to date in managing their portfolios. You’re never caught behind the news on High Dividend Opportunities. We manage positions actively to protect our portfolio and take advantage of opportunities in the market.
  • 24/7 Live Chat: Our live chat board is one of the most passionate, informative, and active on Seeking Alpha. It is supported by a seasoned group of income investors and it is where our community comes together to share market news and investment ideas, and help new members get started.
  • The #1 Service, Period!: Our Service has been the most subscribed service on the Seeking Alpha platform since 2016. We maintained this ranking due to our commitment to continuously improve our members' investment experience. By joining our group, you will be part of the largest community of income investors and get access to the best quality research with a long and proven track record to boost your income now!

Which Dividend Stocks Are We Buying?

One of the most beautiful aspects of investing in solid high dividend stocks is that you get to collect income no matter how the markets are doing! Take a look at the best dividend picks today.

Don't miss out on the Power of Dividends! Join our family of Income Investors and start generating high dividends TODAY using our Model Portfolio targeting +9% yield. Thousands of satisfied income investors have already joined our group. I am confident that you will love our service! No one needs to invest alone in these difficult times.

Save 43% by signing up for our annual plan. This is 12 months for the price of 7 if you sign up for the annual plan. You get 5 months free!

Rida Morwa

P.S.: Sign up today for 2 free weeks, no strings, zero obligations, and enjoy 100% access to our exclusive insights on us. Try it Free for 2-Weeks. If you don’t like it, we won’t charge you a penny!

* Free trial only valid for first time subscribers



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